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“I.P.Projekts” Ltd is the authorised agent of Polish Project Bureaus “M.&L.Lipinski” and  “MTM STYL” in Latvia, possessing more than five years of experience in execution of the   projects and construction in Latvia.

We can offer You to choose from more than 1500 existing technical construction projects, enabling any customer to choose an appropriate project which is most financially suitable for you.


“I.P.Projekts” Ltd offers to clients:
  • Technical construction projects that include architectural and building construction part, internal communication parts – water supply, sewerage, power supply, heating and venting;
  • Free consultations related to designing, construction estimating and construction;
    Formalisation of profitable mortgage loan;
  • Perform connection of a plot of land, coordinating project;
    Handling of construction permits;
  • Agricultural and forest land transforming;
  • Construction;
  • Designing water supply and sewerage, external networks;
  • Topography.


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