Architectural firm SIA "I.P. The project " has been developing house projects since 2003.

During this time, we have taken on and successfully developed numerous projects, coordinated many different public and private house projects - such as private houses, commercial premises, multi-storey residential houses, carwashes, garages and other house projects.

We work with customers in Latvian and abroad (Iceland, France, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden and Estonia). Accumulated 15 years of experience gives us the opportunity to implement your chosen projects quickly and efficiently, as well as to find solutions to any complicated situations. We provide individual, high quality customer service to every client. Quality is our company's priority.

If you are interested in building a house, trust the professionals and apply for advice from project manager Ilva by calling +371 29570962.



SIA „I.P.Projekts” offers:

  • Development of a minimal construction project, which results in obtaining a construction permit with the fulfillment of the design conditions when the architect fulfills the design conditions; a building design is prepared for the construction management, when it is approved and a mark is made on the fulfillment of the design conditions and commencement of construction works.
  • Construction works are designed in minimal form within 2 weeks.
  • We develop water, sewage, electricity, gas internal and external network projects;
  • We are developing a temporary energy certificate for the building.
  • Legalization of arbitrarily constructed buildings.
  • We legalize buildings, prepare building rebuilding projects - only after an engineer's approval, technical inspection.


Recommendations, in order to make the consultation more successful:

  • We would like you to come to the consultation with a clear vision of the number of rooms, quadratures, facade concept (facade tones)..
  • Think about what kind of material the house will be built to make it easier for an architect and construction engineer to plan work in the future.
  • When coming for consultation it is necessary to prepare: a land book, a boundary plan, a home sketch and a topography.