House project content



Construction design - drawings, calculations, specifications and technical explanations. Documentation is issued to print in the form of at least three copies.

Architectural part - facades, plans, house sections with dimensions, but without construction and engineering calculations. All this is still not enough to start construction. Part of the architecture is needed to make planning decisions easier and to determine the size of the house.

Architectural part:    
    •) home facades;
    •) floor plans;
    •) cuts;
    •) roof plan;
    •) node solutions;
    •) specifications for doors and windows;
    •) explanations.

Building components:
    •) foundation plan;
    •) load-bearing wall plans, indicating materials and sizes;
    •) mezzanine ceiling plan;
    •) roof rafter plans;
    •) drawings of constructive knots and elements;
    •) structural elements specification (number, size, properties).

Engineering network part (internal):
    •) heating, ventilation;
    •) water, sewage;
    •) electricity supply

Its worth remembering that the project will be attracted to your land property and it will be needed to coordinate it with the municipal building authority, carried out by a certified architect.

Required documents ordering the project, fundraising and coordination:
    •) land register;
    •) land border plan;
    •) topography;
    •) technical regulations;
    •) external engineering communications projects;
    •) your individual preferences for home location;

As a result of joining and reconciliation, a construction permit will be received, which is the necessary document for the commencement of construction.